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A-Linje Rund-urringning Golvlång Chiffong Klänning för Brudens Mor med Rufsar #008091967

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SEK 1,959

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Från SabrinaZ 2017-02-28 08:05:40

Quality - Excellent
Customer Service - Exceptional!

My daughter is getting married in March so I started looking for dresses online. I went into a local bridal store to see if there was anything I liked and even tried on a few dresses to get an accurate size. Needless to say, I ordered the wrong size. I opened the box and tried on the dress and the size was too small. I neglected to read the fine print or size chart. I was so disappointed in myself. The dress was absolutely beautiful! It was designed and made with detail and quality material. The material was gorgeous! The quality of the dress wasn't anything I had seen at the local bridal store. As I read the return policy and the size chart I knew I made the mistake. I loved the quality of the dress so much I got online and ordered another dress in the size needed. As time was running out, I placed the order and sent a message to JenJen House Customer Service Department. They IMMEDIATLEY replied and GUARENTEED that the replacement dress would arrive days before my daughter's wedding.
Thank you JenJen House for the A+ Customer Service and Top Quality Dress.
JenJen House is the ONLY place I will shop for a formal dress. The dress is Amazing! - I am keeping this dress because of the detail and quality. As I lose weight, I am in hopes to be able to wear it for the next wedding I attend.

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