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Платье-чехол С бретелью через шею Длина до пола шифон Атлас Свадебные Платье с Рябь развальцовка аппликации кружева блестки #002012582

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RUB 13 664

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По iljabeun 2014-08-16 10:35:41 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

Perfect fit. I had it customized, and that worked perfectly.
Good fabric, it made my day!


По Brooke 2013-09-10 19:02:09 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

My dress arrived today only 10 days after placing the order! I am happy to say that the dress is very nice, especially for the price! It needs a few minor alternations, but that is to be expected buying a dress online that you can't try on. The dress is light-weight, but well made and very pretty. Thank you!

По Michelle 2013-07-13 03:33:25 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

I am writing to say how happy I was with my wedding dress. This is the first time I have used the internet and I was abit dubious but I am more than happy with the result. I had it custom made and the fit is perfect. I will definitely now be ordering my bridesmade dresses from this site too. The service and follow up was also excellent. All in all I am very happy with the result

По Jill 2013-06-29 23:53:20 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

The beading is amazing! I've showed this dress to my girlfriends and they really love it. The dress detail is also really well done. I cannot describe how delighted I am.

По Lisa Boice 2013-06-07 19:21:07 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

The minute I touched the dress upon arrival I noticed the quality and heaviness of the material. The dress fits beautifully! My only gripe is that there were no hooks etc on the halter straps to keep the straps together.

По lilly Ballan 2013-04-16 02:34:30 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

totalt tilfreds med min brudekjole, fine detaljer, kvalitet i top, meget billigt. JenJenhouse virkelige professionalle.
man kan handle tryg! :) mange tak......

По Natalie 2013-01-14 22:45:28

The dress is very beautiful. Feel myself like princess. Good communication and great price!

По Bozana 2012-12-18 22:17:24 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

I am tall and it goes down to my feet and may be cute with some wedges! It is also a very soft dress.i like it very much and i highly recommended it to you

По Zora 2012-12-18 19:26:32 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

I got my dress this week, i was very glad to get my wedding dress.The dress fits me very well and the quality is great the price is also reasonable. preparing and shipping time is shorter than expected. I am very satisfied with my purchase from you.

По Edith 2012-12-13 19:19:01 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

I am thin and I am 165 cm. the dress I ordered is custom size, since i want my dress to be fit me well. I tried the dress and the dress is a little bigger in the wrist. I am so tired and prepare everything for my wedding. actually the dress quality is good and the style is good. there is a month from my wedding. I will have a good rest, and the dress will fit me well.

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