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Платье для Балла В виде сердца Длина до пола Органза Пышное платье с Вышито Бисер #021004556

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RUB 16 549

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По tano98 2015-12-23 15:24:36

Thank you for this lovely dress!
I'd like to, first of all, compliment jenjenhouse for their fast work. I got my dress about a week after I had ordered it, even though it said on the page that it'd probably take up to about three weeks. I was also a bit late out with ordering, according to my friends, and horror stories from other friends had gotten me a bit anxious about receiving it in time - but it did, and I am glad!
The quality of the dress is amazing! It both looks and feels so nice that I could walk around in it all day long just to show off the amazing handicraft it is. I bought it specifically tailored for me, so I'm glad it fits me so well!
It was also nicely packaged and it was easy to remove from the package without damaging the dress. Overall I'm very pleased with my dress and I would warmly recommend it for anyone!

По beviep2403 2015-01-31 21:06:16

Thank you so much for this beautiful gown. It is identically to the picture and just how I imagined it would look. The fit is perfect ( made to measure). The quality of workmanship is wonderful!
I intend to wear this frock to an old fashioned very formal ball in a few week and I am sure it will be perfect for the occasion.
Many thanks to the girls who supplied answers to my many questions.

Bev Pearce

По VCardenas 2013-06-30 23:43:41 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

My daughter ordered the dress for her Quinceanera. We chose the custom option, and entered her measurements. The dress arrived in 1 week, and fit perfectly! It is just as beautiful in person as in the picture. We are extremely satisfied and highly recommend this site.

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