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Два слоя собора фаты с С лентой по краю #006004370

Цена: RUB 2 313

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RUB 2 313

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По Whitleytavia29 2013-12-30 15:25:37 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

I received my veil to day it is so pretty .

По Beverly 2013-07-28 01:00:32 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

I gotta tell you guys that i am so in love with this veil.I love the design and the length is perfect for my wedding gown.Every one said that i am stunning in the wedding dress and this veil.I can not wait to wear them on my wedding day!!

По Megan 2013-07-26 01:36:53 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

The two tiers veil I ordered here has been arrived and it is just what I want it to be. Beautiful look and even nicer than the picture! And with excellent quality. I recommend this veil! And recommend this website.

По Madeline 2013-07-16 02:03:43 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

I was at first worried about the quality as the price is so cheap. However, when the veil comes, i'm so happy to see that the veil is so beautiful and the quality is superb! I would definitely recommend this website!

По Jennifer DK 2012-10-01 23:24:51

It is very long and in 3 parts, very beutyfull.

По titi49 2012-07-03 05:59:24

reçu ce voile ce jour de très belle qualité superbe je suis ravis conforme à la photo j(adore merci à vous :)

По Raquel Maniago 2012-06-20 17:35:11

hi, i like the veil but its alittle bet long for me. can they make like 2meter .

По Kingslyne 2012-02-20 08:31:08

est-ce un voile d'un seul niveau? merci

Ответы от JenJenHouse 2012-02-20 18:46:30

Bonjour Kinglyne

Merci de l’intérêt porté à JenJenHouse!

Le voile est constitué d'un seul pans, il n'y a donc pas de partie  plus courte rabattable  sur votre visage.
A noter égualement que tous nos voiles sont montés sur peigne  .
Nous restons  à votre entière disposition si vous avez d'autres questions.

По sabrina 2012-02-17 22:54:30 НОВЫЕ ОБЗОРЫ

quelle esst la longeur du voil??

Ответы от JenJenHouse 2012-02-17 22:57:25


Merci de linteret porte a JenJenHouse.

Ce voil fait environ 3 metres.

n'hesitez pas a nous recontacter si vou avez dautres questions.

По laura 2012-02-15 21:57:00

i like the dress very much ..please what is the model of the dress

Ответы от JenJenHouse 2012-02-15 22:31:43

Hi Laura,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please go to this link for more information of this dress:http://www.jenjenhouse.com/A-line-Princess-Strapless-Floor-length-Taffeta-Bridesmaid-Dress-With-Ruffle-007004109-g590.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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