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Женщины Кружева Каблук Закрытый мыс На каблуках с Имитация Перл #11820

Свадебная обувь

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* Стандартная Доставка: 5-8 Дней
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JenJenHouse.com является ведущим мировым интернет-магазине для свадебных платьев, платьев специальные события, платья свадьба, и аксессуары. Клиенты могут просматривать подавляющее онлайн отбор и выбрать свои любимые платья с большим удовлетворением.

Код Товара #11820 пол Женщины
Тип обуви Закрытый мыс, На каблуках Цвет Цвет слоновой кости
Размер 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 Вид каблука Каблук
Высота каблука 2.56 inch (6.5cm) Материал Кружева
приукрашивание Имитация Перл Сезон осень, Весна, лето, зима
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Zeer tevreden,
mooie schoen,
goede ivoorkleur,
hakje is smaller dan ik dacht.
wel lange levertijd, maar dat wist ik van tevoren.


I have always been wary about ordering from China, due to people giving them bad reviews, trust me i was over the moon with my beautiful wedding shoe's , they are absolutely beautiful, and perfect.
I ordered a size 38 (5 and a half) the fit is perfect.

Thank you so much Dress first

Sharon from Cardiff GB

I was a bit sceptical about ordering shoes from the internet. I'd never done it before but thought these shoes were so beautiful I would give it a go! The measuring guide is spot on, they are a perfect fit and absolutely gorgeous!! They arrived about two weeks after I placed the order, so I was pleased with that too.

They are exactly as shown in the pictures. My advice would be to wear them in a bit for a while before your wedding (as I am doing right now!) because they are a little stiff due to the type of fabric used. This is to be expected though, and even after wearing them twice for a couple of hours they are easing up nicely. The heel height is perfect for me, not too high but high enough to be dressy and they also come with separate little gel pad insoles to use if you need to.

I would definitely recommend Dressfirst for quality, value for money and prompt delivery.

Today I got my shoes, they are so beautiful. Almost one month passed after I order them. I'm so happy and satisfied. Thak you for your support.

Im wearing these for my wedding day, and they ar so comfy and most importantly GORGEOUS!

I come and write to tell you that I have already received my shoes . It only about 2 weeks after I placed the order. It surprised me a lot, as it is really the same as it is in the picture. The shoes design is really wonderful, and the fabric is very comfortable, I like this shoes. I think it is really a good choice to shop on your website.

I like it very much.

I like it very much.

i buy shoes always on the website, when i buy this one from your company online, i was satisfied with that, with quality and price, it worth the price i paid, i will buy again.

Shoes are beautiful, Fit perfectly and are so comfortable, very quick delivery, would definately buy again