Цвет: Белый

Женщины Кружева Атлас Каблук Закрытый мыс На каблуках с Лента #4932

Свадебная обувь

RUB 2 636 RUB 5 273
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JenJenHouse.com является ведущим мировым интернет-магазине для свадебных платьев, платьев специальные события, платья свадьба, и аксессуары. Клиенты могут просматривать подавляющее онлайн отбор и выбрать свои любимые платья с большим удовлетворением.

Код Товара #4932 пол Женщины
Тип обуви Закрытый мыс, На каблуках Цвет Цвет слоновой кости, Белый
Размер 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 Вид каблука Каблук
Высота каблука 2.36 inch (6cm) Материал Кружева, Атлас
Подкладочный материал кожа Материал подмётки подошвы резиновый
приукрашивание Лента Сезон осень, Весна
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Para mi es muy bonito porque como es traje es largo me sentiria comoda con el zapato


Just received the shoes today and they fit perfectly! It is an absolute must to measure your feet before ordering and order accordingly. If I had stuck with my general shoe size they would have been too large. As it is, I am extremely pleased. I can't wait until September 29 to walk down the isle wearing these beautiful shoes. They were packaged just right and did not arrive smooshed or misshaped.
Thank you JenJen House for beautiful shoes at a beautiful price.
Be aware however of the charges added to ordering. There is the price of the shoes, shipping and handling, international handling charge and a brokerage charge from UPS. All in all order as much as you can in one shippment so that the charges are not more than they have to be. The UPS charge was $50 payable COD, and the international handling was another $10 on top of the price of the shoes with regular shipping and handling.
The shoes are exactly as pictured and I am very pleased. I would order them again I just wish there was an upfront charge sheet attached so that we know what to expect.


I love these shoes they fit very comfortable. They came very fast within 3 weeks of ordering.

Great shoes!

I'm a size 7 1/2 and ordered in these a size 38. They seem a little big, but I'm sure if I wear nylons or something similar that they will fit perfectly. The color is bright and the lace is just stunning. I'm super excited about these shoes! The price was just right as well! I would definitely recommend these to a friend or family member! :D

Туфельки просто замечательные. Очень красиво смотрятся на ногах.

perfekt shoes for my dress.

My daughter LOVES the shoes -- SO COMFORTABLE yet SO CUTE!! They add just the right lift for her in her new JenJen mermaid-style wedding dress! Not too high, not too low! :-)

The sizing directions were so helpful! And I'm sure they were the reason why the shoes fit PERFECTLY!!!

Beautiful tapestry-covered shoes with an adorable bow that can be tied -- or eased -- for a comfortable fit.

Thank you, JenJen!! :-D

The shoes is really made of good fabric. It is very perfect, what’s more it is comfortable to wear. It is really the same as it is in the picture. I measure according to your measuring guide, and it is really helpful to get a right size for the shoes.

Schuhe passen, sehen wunderschön aus und sind total bequem. Danke