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A-formet/Prinsesse En skuldret Kort/Mini Tyll Ballkjole med Frynse Profilering paljetter #022020910

Pris: NOK 1 175

Prisliste: NOK 1 505  Sparer  NOK 330

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NOK 1 175

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Av suelbateman 2013-10-28 01:06:27 Omtalt Anmeldelse

Great service quick response and delivery

Av Marissa 2013-05-08 15:09:59 Omtalt Anmeldelse

This dress was the 4th that I have ordered from this site and once again I am more than pleased with the look and quality of the dress, the beading is beautifully done and the whole dress is very well put together. On a side note the colors are much more vibrant than the photo shows but I know that can vary depending on screens and such. Overall for the 4th time I am once again thrilled with my purchase and can't wait to show this dress off, I may never purchase a special occasion dress in a store ever again. Thank you JenJen House!

Av Amanda 2013-04-24 02:35:47 Omtalt Anmeldelse

I can not belive my eyes,it is so beautiful.i hope wear this dress every day ,i will show it to my friend ,they must envy me ,i am sure they will go to shop on your website right now

Av Patrícia Prado de Aragão 2013-04-21 07:01:51 Omtalt Anmeldelse

Vestido lindo, com acabamento e caimento perfeito . Chegou no tempo esperado.

Av Helene 2013-02-22 14:24:31 Omtalt Anmeldelse

Vielen Dank! Schnell, schön! Gerne wieder.

Av Dorte :D 2013-01-18 13:05:56 Omtalt Anmeldelse

Den er jo ikke bar flot... Den er direkte fantastisk! <3

Av Myrtle 2012-12-24 22:09:57 Omtalt Anmeldelse

i went to the party with this dress. everybody praised my dress. who cares how much i paid for and where i get it. its beautiful and brought me good time and memory. so why bad? no all good!

Av Lena 2012-12-19 20:46:41 Omtalt Anmeldelse

The dress is in stunning style, nicely made,and high quality fabric.the beadings on the dress are all nice.I brought this for my girlfriend and she looks amazing in it. Thank you.she can't wait to tell all her friends about this website.

Av Opincaru Mirela Loredana 2012-11-30 01:32:33

Hi guys!!I wanna thank you for the this lovely dress.....its amazing....i love it...:-)

Av Irene 2012-11-28 23:07:39 Omtalt Anmeldelse

Stunning! This dress is beautifully made and very high quality. Delivered very quickly too. It is everything I hoped it would be and I would happily order again for a special occasion for myself or my daughters and will recommend this site to all.

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