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A sirena/Stile sirena Scollatura a V Sweep/Spazzola treno Chiffona Pizzo Abito per la madre della sposa con Increspature Perline #008018727

Prezzo: 181.68

Prezzo da listino: € 299.73  Risparmi  € 118.05

  • Tavola di colori
  • Vuoi avere il vestito che ti piace disegnato sul tuo corpo? Semplice, aggiungi solo € 19.54 e forniscici le tue misure, avrai un abito perfettamente adatto alle tue forme!

€ 181.68

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By harmonfly 2015-09-08 09:50:34

The dress is beautiful,and fits perfectly.I didn't have any problems with ordering and the dress came in in less than 2 weeks

By mieite1 2015-03-27 06:13:50

The dress itself was wonderful, fitted perfectly according my measurements! Delivery was on time and perfectly informed.
The only negative thing was the oily, chemical, sweaty smell of the dress. Hopefully it will freshen up after several days of airing, because I would not like to have it through laundry before wedding.

By Kandice Drayton 2013-09-02 13:35:58 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

This is one of the most beautiful gowns I have ever owned! Received almost as many compliments as the beautiful bride herself! Make sure you send your measurements as this gown seems to be made for a tall woman. I am short and have a short torso so I had to have the gown altered a lot! The entire bodice had to be brought up to fit properly. But when the alterations were done this gown is simply fabulous! Next time - and there will be a next time - I will send my measurements. Then I am sure the fit will be as perfect as the gown!

By Jan 2013-06-19 23:30:09 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

This dress was amazing and it fits perfectly, the material is lovely and I've had lots of comments on the party. Another thing I would like to mention is that the customer service is very well and respond quick and good. Thanks!

By Deb 2013-06-18 22:40:51 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

I ordered this dress for my son's wedding event and this is the first time shopping online. When I receive the dress, I was shocked. It fit me very well and the quality is very good. Before buying it, I have seen some in the store, the price in JenJenHouse is very cheap. If you have one like, please do not hesitate to order now. I am very satisfied with shopping here. Thanks!

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