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A sirena/Stile sirena Innamorato Coda a strascico corto Del organza Pizzo Abito da sera con Perline Lustrini Pieghe/Increspature a cascata #017019554

Prezzo: 243.27

Prezzo da listino: € 361.32  Risparmi  € 118.05

  • Tavola di colori
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€ 243.27

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By Jillian Thomas 2013-04-25 13:59:17 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

I had been looking for WEEKS for the perfect prom dress, with nothing really specific in mind when I stumbled across this website. I saw so many beautiful dresses, but when I saw this dress, I KNEW it was perfect. I ordered the custom size, and it fits almost perfectly! Its slightly tight in the hips, but nothing that I can't fix. It is absolutely beautiful and great quality! I ordered my dress about a week ago and I just got it yesterday, so the making and shipping is extremely fast! The customer service is amazing as well! They responded nicely, quickly and thoroughly. I absolutely couldn't be happier with this dress!


By Anne James Olsen 2014-08-09 19:45:54

Its great for balls etc charity balls has that wow factor

By jessenia.janelle 2013-10-02 10:27:12 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

I got this dress for two important events, my husband is a marine and I'm going to use it for his marine ball November 1st, I also am going to use it for our wedding since we never had one this dress is perfect. My only concern is I don't want the train being damaged because it is long, but it is an amazing dress. I definitely will post pictures of our nights. It is absolutely gorgeous !!!!!!!

By jessenia.janelle 2013-10-02 10:23:56 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

I ordered this dress for a Marine Ball I am going to November 1, it's four weeks away but i love putting it and imagining what the night will be like. My husband is a Marine and he's wearing his dress blues and us together looks nothing short than amazing. Will definitely post up pictures of our night. My only thing I get scarred of i the train is long and it's a beautiful dress I don't want it to get ruined by someone stepping on it. I also and going to use it as my wedding dress (I was married by court house) so two important events with one gorgeous dress, I love it!!!!!!!

By Phillip Bailey 2013-07-23 04:54:39 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

I was please with the gown made by the talents seamstresses of this organization. It was a dress that fit perfectly for the competitor wearing the gown. At the Miss Plus America National Pageant the scores reflected the work performed by such a great organization such as this. I will be using you as the 2014 Miss Plus America Pageant draws near. Thank you for you communication and all the hard work you put into your gowns.

By Roberta 2013-06-21 02:07:01 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

I can not believe it. My dress is just the same as your online picture. I ordered it in size 2 and it fits me VERY WELL. I can not wait to wear it in the party. Thank you for your work on my dress.

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