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A-Line/Principessa A cuore A terra Tyll Abito da teenager con Perline #021020664

Prezzo: 167.16

Prezzo da listino: € 226.80  Risparmi  € 59.64

  • Tavola di colori
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€ 167.16

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By Ellen Bergen 2012-10-02 01:35:58 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

Ich war anfangs recht skeptisch, als ich das Kleid bestellte. Ob die Lieferung auch gut klappen würde? Ob das Kleid auch meinen Vorstellungen entsprechen würde? Aber bereits beim Auspacken sah ich, dass es genau die Farbe war, die ich mir vorgestellt und gewünscht hatte. das Kleid ist sorgfältig gearbeitet, sieht wunderschön aus, genauso wie auf dem Foto (nur ich habe es in burgunderrot bestellt). Ich trage normalerweise Größe 36/38, habe das Kleid in Größe 6 bestellt, und es passt wie angegossen. Der Service ist ziemlich gut, meine Anfragen per E-mail wurden sofort freundlichst beantwortet. Ich bekam das Kleid noch vor dem gewünschten Liefertermin. alles in einem: topp. Habe diese Seite bereits meinen Freundinnen weiterempfohlen.

Risposta da JenJenHouse 2012-10-08 02:50:21

By Janina 2012-09-14 14:38:09

Hi! I really like this dress so could you please email me a picture of the dress in the following colors: light sky blue, sage and watermelon?

By Laura Pentikäinen 2012-09-14 11:41:14

Could you please send me more pictures of this dress? I would like to see it in pink, light sky blue and pearl pink.

By Ida Harto Seim 2012-09-12 05:33:35

Hi jenjenhouse!

I am considering bying the princess sweetheart dress in either pink ore blue, but I would like to see both dresses on a picture each that you have taken of it like it is in real.
Is it possible if you could send me a picture of the blue and the pink dress?

And I allso wondered which e-mail address I can contact you on so you could send me a picture there?

- Ida

By shannon bowen 2012-09-02 15:12:20

my measurements were incorrect the correct measurements are
Hollow to floor:53.5inches
Sorry for the inconvenience

By ****** 2012-05-19 07:22:01

Bonjour ,
J'ai commandé cette robe en couleur rose il y a 3jours et j'aimerai savoir si il serait encore possible de changer la couleur?J'aimerai beaucoup l'avoir en rose perlé si c'est encore possible.

By Robyn 2012-05-08 11:09:55

So pretty!

By Bethanie 2012-05-05 07:48:23

I ordered this dress 4 weeks ago and I have still not received it although it was only supposed to take a maximum of 21 days. I have just received a phone call saying I need to pay an extra £14 in order to have the dress delivered to my house, even though I have already paid over £20 shipping fee's. I think it is pathetic that this website does not tell anyone that if they don't pay extra money then they will lose all the money that they have already spent on the dress. I will NOT be using this site again. Also they have not once kept me updated with were my dress is, I have sent them three e-mails and not got one reply from them though they say they will get back to people within one working day. The service i have received from Jenjenhouse is appalling.

By Cassi Mayer 2012-04-25 11:52:34 RECENSIONI IN PRIMO PIANO

Thank you Jen Jen House received my Prom Dress and its absolutely gorgeous. I ordered the size 10 and its a perfect fit, you would think I had had it custom made. Service has been brilliant and i have been kept informed every step of the way, even in the shipping of it. I could see where my parcel was and when it arrived in London and then in Newcastle. Amazing!!!

By Rita 2012-02-08 17:40:56

Quelqu'un d'entre-vous aurait une photo de la robe en couleur Indigo ?
J'apprécierais grandement!!
En vous remerciant à l'avance:)

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