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Colore: bianca
Questo è un abito realizzato e fotografato da Tutti i diritti riservati. La copia o riproduzione di questa immagine è strettamente proibita.

A-Line/Principessa Senza spalline Coda a strascico cappella Raso Del organza Abiti da sposa con Increspature Pizzo Perline #12659

Abiti da sposa

177.49 € 221.87
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    Vuoi avere il vestito che ti piace disegnato sul tuo corpo? Semplice, aggiungi solo € 18.10 e forniscici le tue misure, avrai un abito perfettamente adatto alle tue forme!

Tempo di confezionamento: 15-17 giorni + Tempo di Spedizione: 3-6 giorni * Spedizione rapida: 3-6 giorni
* Spedizione standard: 5-8 giorni

Questo abito è un abito fatto su misura. Tutti gli abiti sono confezionati a mano dai nostri sarti sia che si tratti di un abito con misure standard che di un abito a misura personalizzata.

Questo abito è un abito fatto su misura. Tutti gli abiti sono confezionati a mano dai nostri sarti sia che si tratti di un abito con misure standard che di un abito a misura personalizzata.


Alla ricerca di un abito dalla vestibilità perfetta? Consulta la nostra guida Come misurare per trovare le tue misure esatte ed utilizza il nostro servizio Fatto-su-misura per avere un abito personalizzato adatto a te.

Codice Prodotto #12659 Taglio A-Line/Principessa
Scollatura Senza spalline Lunghezza Coda a strascico cappella
Tessuto Del organza, Raso abbellimento Increspature, Pizzo, Perline
Senza spalline Senza spalline Manica Senza maniche
Stile del dorso Allacciato Completamente foderato
Reggiseno Incorporato Rivestimenti rigidi
Colore Mostrato Bianco Misura Generale, Taglie forti
Stagione Inverno, Primavera, Estate, Autunno Lungo per sposa Chiesa
Misura Vestito del Modello US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32 Informazioni Modello Altezza:5.7ft Seno:34in Vita:24in Fianchi:35in
L'abito scelto non include alcun accessorio tra quelli mostrati, quali coprispalle, guanti, veli, borsette, ecc.. Vi preghiamo di contattarci per ordinare eventuali accessori fuori catalogo separatamente.
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I was impatiently anticipating this dress, because it is supposed to be my wedding dress after all :) So of course, I was bit worried and prepared for worse! When I received it I was bit disappointed because it looked HUGE! I tried it on and it didn't fall like in picture, instead it looked and felt weird. I soon realized that it was the fault of inside layers, which were added on to make it "puffy" (that's why it looked so huge, but I chose this dress exactly because I thought it would be "pettit", because I am too "pettit"). Fortunately it was easy to ripe them off and later on I even sew them on lower part of my petticoat, to get picture like view (though I still have some leftovers :P ) I don't think this dress needs those layers.
And so - after all, I am very happy about this dress - my mother absolutely loves it! I would think it is a bit big than expected, but looks gorgeous anyway. I chose white color, and again, in the begging was sorry that I didn't take ivory, but now I understood, that for this dress white is better.
It is bit different from picture, for example the upper part of the train (organza fabric) is longer than lower-satin part, but it actually looks even better (as if long veil). Train is bigger than looks in picture, but absolutely comfortable to move and to adjust to the correct direction. All in all in is a very beautiful dress, and in the wedding dress salons, dress like that (having this quality) would cost triple times more.
Very satisfied customer :)

My wedding is not for a while, but I ordered this dress because I fell in love with it and it was on sale! It came today and I am very pleased with my purchase. There are hardly any flaws in the dress, but nothing that I cannot over look. Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchase and cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day. Haha, bless me and Wish me happy that day!!!

I got my dress and tried it on and this dress is far more beautiful in person than on-line. I tried on dresses in bridal shops and this dress is by far better than any dress in those shops ! The beading, color and fabric are amazing and I could not find one flaw in the dress.

i ordered a wedding dress online for my mum last year and the dress is really ill made , this year, i want to buy a dress for myself and i have dome much homework and finally i found your website, i saw many good reviews on your website, i just order a swatch to feel the material first and it is ok, then i ordered the dress. this dress is cheapand what is more important., the quality is not bad as well. if i need more dresses, i will go back to you

The dress is simple but looks good.So i bought it.Because i like things which are simple and nice.My husband also like it so much.When i put on it.he said that i am the most beautiful bride in the word.I am so happy and thanks so so so much.

Wow, this dress is nice!!!, it is well made and so elegant, and the price is amazing!! My daughter was very upset when I told her that I brought my dress online, however when she saw it she said it was impressive!!!

I got my dress recently and I am surprised at the quality of this dress. I place the order for this dress in a standard size and it fits perfectly. the price of the dress is unbelievable and customer service is also great. Thanks you guys so much

Got surprised when i saw the tiny box, but it's packed really well. The quality of th fabric is simply but with any high market stuff. I choose the colour whit which represent the purity for my love.and the veil also match the dress so very well.

really loved this dress at the first sight. also it was scary to shop wedding dresses online for my big day. but everything was quite good right like what was expected. the tailoring time and the shipping. i paid for the expedited shipping it was really fast. the quality is also so good. and im ready for my wedding . so excited ;)

Hi Team

I had place one order before but was cancelled, i dont know exactly why, so i already place a new one, i really appreciete if you can make a special follow up on this new one, in order to avoid any issues.
Im going to perform the payment by tomorrow, so please dont cancel this order.