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Colore: Borgogna
Questo è un abito realizzato e fotografato da Tutti i diritti riservati. La copia o riproduzione di questa immagine è strettamente proibita.

A-Line/Principessa A bikini A terra Chiffona Abito feste con Increspature Perline #5359

Abiti feste

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    Vuoi avere il vestito che ti piace disegnato sul tuo corpo? Semplice, aggiungi solo € 18.10 e forniscici le tue misure, avrai un abito perfettamente adatto alle tue forme!

Tempo di confezionamento: 12-15 giorni + Tempo di Spedizione: 3-6 giorni * Spedizione rapida: 3-6 giorni
* Spedizione standard: 5-8 giorni

Questo abito è un abito fatto su misura. Tutti gli abiti sono confezionati a mano dai nostri sarti sia che si tratti di un abito con misure standard che di un abito a misura personalizzata.

Questo abito è un abito fatto su misura. Tutti gli abiti sono confezionati a mano dai nostri sarti sia che si tratti di un abito con misure standard che di un abito a misura personalizzata.


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Codice Prodotto #5359 Taglio A-Line/Principessa
Scollatura A bikini Lunghezza A terra
Tessuto Chiffona abbellimento Increspature, Perline
Senza spalline Cinghie regolari Manica Senza maniche
Stile del dorso Zip, Incrociato Completamente foderato
Reggiseno Incorporato Rivestimenti rigidi
Colore Mostrato Borgogna Misura Generale, Taglie forti
Stagione Primavera, Estate, Autunno Misura Vestito del Modello US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32
Informazioni Modello Altezza:5.7ft Seno:34in Vita:24in Fianchi:35in
L'abito scelto non include alcun accessorio tra quelli mostrati, quali coprispalle, guanti, veli, borsette, ecc.. Vi preghiamo di contattarci per ordinare eventuali accessori fuori catalogo separatamente.
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This dress is so much more beautifyl irl than on the pictures! I ordered it in Burgundy which is also the color the model is wearing. It was a bit darker irl than it appears on my computer, just as I had hoped for.
The material both looks and feels amazing, it's a comfortable dress that shapes your body very nicely. I ordered it with my own measurements, and it turned out a bit too big above the waist so I had to sew it in. But I may have measured a bit wrong. Sewing in this dress was a huge challenge for me, not easy at all, so make sure to get your measurments exact when ordering!
The details on the grim almost look like pearls in the picture, but in reality it is more like sequins. Looks really nice anyway though.
You might want to secure the "buttons" in the back with a bit extra thread. One of mine fell off the first time i tried the dress on but luckily it was easy to sew back again. The whole upper part of the dress will slip down if the buttons break, so just a tip!
All in all it's definately the most beautiful dress I have worn. Now that it fits it looks way beyond my expectations, just perfect :)

This dress was absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Easy to wear and comfortable. So well made you don't need to wear a bra so you're not worrying about bra straps. Hangs perfectly and the blue colouring was eye catching. I paid the extra and had it custom made and still got here within 12 days. Magic. This is the second dress I've bought from dressdepot and I'm hooked. I can't sing your praises loud enough.
It makes buying a dress exciting, as your not just picking from what the shop has your actually picking your own perfect dress. Thanks again dressdepot!!

The dress is perfect. The length was perfect for high heels (it just touches the floor), the waist fits me like a glove, and the bling on the neck is just enough - I don't even need a necklace! The back is beautiful and while I don't have the best figure, it shows off the best parts of my curves without showing any bulges, not even any underarm/boob bulges like most dresses create. The support in the breasts is also just right, and very comfortable for a long night out. I would most definitely recommend it!!

Abito bellissimo come in foto ,arrivato una settimana prima. di sicuro ordinerò altri vestiti grazie

The dress looks exactly the same as in the picture and is a very good qualilty. We ordered a custom fitted dress and the bodice and length of the dress are a perfect fit although the straps are a little loose (but this could be our measurements) and is very easily fixed.

We would very definately use this website to purchase dresses again due to the quality of the dress, price and fact that the dress was delivered a full week before it was due. And very happy to recommend to others.

Thanks so much.

Exactly as pictured. I ordered it and it is true to size and color. My dress is just perfect the colour is what i wanted and it is everything i dreamed of. I will definately be shopping here from now on thank you:)

I purchased this beautiful dress in orange, when I received it I was very excited although thought the orange colour was a little brighter than expected but after having it for a few days I am used to it now. Everybody that sees it loves the colour and style as it is a bit different. I ordered a size 8 but probably should have ordered a 6 or paid an extra $17 for custom size, as I needed it altered, but better to be too big than too small. It now fits perfectly! I am more than happy with the quality of the dress and detail to it. service was prompt and fast, ordered and received within 2 weeks to Australia.
Very happy customer
Thank you Jen Jen house