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Forme Princesse Bustier en coeur Longueur genou Organza Robe de mariée avec Plissé Fleur(s) Sequins #002017198

Prix: 148.90

Liste des tarifs: 259.84 €  Économisez  110.94 €

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148.90 €

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Par Tiffney Anderson 2013-10-27 22:47:39 COMMENTAIRES ASSOCIÉS

OMG!!!!! THIS DRESS IS STUNNING!! Ladies I promise I was shocked out of my mind how Beautiful it truly was. I'm the bride and I want a second dress for my reception, and let me just say I should have made it my Wedding Dress. Jen Jen girl you are wonderful, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Crying tears of joy because when you begin to plan your wedding EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE want to go up on their prices. Venues, Bakeries etc. but you all at Jen Jen house really allow us to still look Fab after we have almost spent our last. I can't stand it lol and I can't wait to think I'm all that and a Dorito Taco from Taco Bell lol! God bless you Jen girl :) Good night*

Par Tiffney Anderson 2013-06-05 12:32:39 COMMENTAIRES ASSOCIÉS

Stunning!! OK, First let me start off by saying OMG I LOOOOVE MY DRESS!! I'm a bride, and I was looking for my Reception dress. I went with a knee length dress. Ladies can I say that i had a moment. "A Say Yes To The Dress" type of moment. I couldn't stop crying for some reason. First as a plus size woman, I ordered the dress feeling defeated because its hard for a lot of us to find what we want in stores, so to purchase a dress on line and not feel cheated is Amaaaaaazing to me. I'm a size 16 so I orded a size 18 it fit just right. Now the rest is up to me. If I want to eat at all on my wedding day, my be hind need to join someones gym lol! Now this friday I'm ordering my Wedding Dress AHHHHH!!!! Ok just a little excited ya think lol! I THANK YOU JenJen from the bottom of my heart. Oh and my bridesmaids will be purchasing their dresses from JenJen as well. I've already picked them out :) So i pray they're just as beautiful as mine. No lets pray that my WEDDING DRESS is as beautiful as my reception dress.Again Thank You Jen Jen, I love you so far lol! If all the dress work out, I will be putting your name on my programs lol!

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