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2 couches Voiles de mariée valse avec Bord en ruban #006003747

Prix: 18.79

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18.79 €

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Par RUTH CARTHY 2012-07-13 02:23:06


Can you send me a picture of the back of this veil

Thank you

Par Catherine 2012-06-27 05:44:21


can you send me a pic of the back of the veil please :)

Par Angela 2012-06-11 13:42:49

1. Could you send me a picture of the back of the veil?
2. Could you doit 3m long ?
3. Could you tell me the price for 3m long veil?
4. Could you tell me how wide satin ribbon is?
5. If y dont like it can i sendit back?

Par Naomi Wood 2012-05-15 12:17:52

Couod we have a ferw views of the veil please ? We need to see the veil from the back and sides as the photo shown is very closely cropped. Thanks

Par Anita Toth 2012-02-11 10:35:02

Hy,can u send me a pic.with the back of this veil?thanks

Par Pamela 2011-09-03 15:51:49

Can you make this veil in black? Please send a picture of the back of the veil.

Réponse de JenJenHouse 2011-09-05 00:41:28

Hi Pamela,

Thanks for your mail.

Please check the attachment for the pictures you requested. Please just let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Par Hyejin Low 2011-08-19 08:05:39

I really like this vail, but I have a question.

Does this veil come with a comb?

Réponse de JenJenHouse 2011-08-22 01:14:29

Dear Hyejin,

Thanks for contacting us. This veil does have a comb. Hope we could have your business soon.


Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we can do for you.

Par Kristy Lancaster 2011-08-18 04:35:37

Hello. I really like this veil. Please could you tel me how long it is? Could crystals or pearls be added? Do you have a picture of the back of it?

Réponse de JenJenHouse 2011-08-19 00:29:13

Hi Kristy,

Thank you for contacting us.

I have attached a picture of the veil for your reference, you can know more details of this veil with it.
Please choose custom size and write down your requirements in the special instructions column at the bottom of the checkout page .Then ,we can make the veil right for you.

If you have any other questions,please feel free to contact us.

Par Kat 2011-07-23 22:42:49

Could you please send me a picture of the back of the veil and a picture of an ivory one if possible thanks

Réponse de JenJenHouse 2011-07-23 23:45:35

Hi Kat,

Thanks for visiting!

Here attached a picture of the the back of the veil for your reference. 
Sorry that we have no pictures of ivory one at this moment. 

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we can do for you.Thanks

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