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2 couches Voile de mariée longueur coude avec Bord perlé #3756

Voiles de mariage

27.16 54.34 €
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Description est détaillant en ligne de leader mondial pour robes de mariées, robes d'événements spéciaux, robes de soirées de mariage et accessoires de mariages. Les clients ont une grande satisfaction à parcourir la selection vaste sur le site ainsi qu’à choisir leurs robes préférées.

Code produit #3756 Catégorie Voile de mariée longueur coude
Tissu Tulle Décoration Brodé, Paillette
Couches du voile 2 couches Forme du voile Style Classique
Style de bordure Bord perlé Couleur Affichée Blanc
Couleur Disponible Blanc, Ivoire Longueur du voile 33.46 pouce (85cm)
Plus courte longueur de la couche 21.65 pouce (55cm) Saison Printemps, Été, Automne, Hiver
Comment Porter Voile avec peigne, prêt à porter
Astuces Couleur et le style peuvent varier selon le moniteur
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je viens de recevoir mon voile et c'est tres tres tres beau, je suis hyper contente il est meme mieux que sur le site, je suis trop excitée de tout mettre. merci beaucoup, jadooooooooore... je vous le conseille :)

I received my veil yesterday, it is more beautiful than the picture! ^
really loved it in my marriage for sure I am more beautiful than ever with the veil, really a special day
I am very satisfied. Thank you so much

I received the veil the day before yesterday, It came a lot earlier than expected.
Your makers make it perfect and I can't find any defect on the veil. It's quite a beautiful veil, and what’s more the length is suitable for me.. Thank you for everything!

this veil is so amazing.i did not wait to try it on with my wedding dress.they match perfectly.and the veil is really in good quality,very soft and comfortable.By the way,the bead work at the edge is exquisite.Love your work!!thanks a lot.

The real veil I received from this online store looks great, and it is just showed as the pictures showed. I am very pleased with the outlook of this veil and the quality! Will recommmend this site to my friends. Thanks!

I got my veil and i'm very happy with it. The delivery is prompt and it is of high quality. I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day! I will definitely come back to order other items on your website.

at first, i only found one tier veil , but i was not sure so i asked you for more advice and your kind customer service staff told me one, although this is a two tiers veil, it is also graceful too

Beautiful veil! Well worth it ~ and it was shipped when promised! I'd recommend this product!

can the veil I ordered be a little bit longer please? I also love the sparkles on it

This is a question rather than a review! I'm looking for a fairly simple veil, not too full, maybe just one layer, ideally the length of this veil, and with just some wide edging ribbon, like 006003761.
Do you have such a veil?!
Thanks Sarah

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