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Tanssiaismekot Kullanmuru Hovilaahus Satiini Organzanauha Morsiuspuku jossa Rypytys Pitsi #002004149

Hinta: 167.43

Listahinta: € 213.10  Säästä  € 45.67

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€ 167.43

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jonkin kautta CECE 2012-07-16 06:31:17


I am from Macedonia and as I can see you can make a delivery here too.
I have a few questions for you before I decide about purchase of this dress.

1. Please let me know if you have a pictures from this dress in champagne color.
2. Is the dress in the picture provided in ivory color or white?
3. How much will the fastest delivery to Macedonia cost me?
4. What if the size a pick is wrong can a return the dress and order other size?
5.Can you send me more pictures of the dress for a close up view?
6. Please inform me about the materials from witch this dress is made of?
6. Is there something under the dress that will help moving ?

Looking forward for your reply

jonkin kautta charlybusch93 2014-08-14 12:26:21

Ich hätte nie damit gerechnet das dass kleid so toll verarbeitet ist und so super passt. Ein danke an amormoda dank euch werde ich eine tolle braut sein. Das einzige womit ich nicht glücklich bin sind schmuck und Schleier kann man Sie's auch wieder zurück senden ?

JenJenHouse vastaa 2014-08-15 02:40:34

Dear customer, we deeply sorry to hear your disappointment. It is our goal to make every customer feel welcomed. We value every one of our customers and strive to provide high quality products and services that will satisfy all. We are truly sorry if we did not succeed. Yourfeedback shall urge us to continuously seek improvements. Hopefully, you will provide us with another opportunity to render you a more enjoyable experience. Please send your order details to [email protected]


Best Regards,


jonkin kautta Beatrice 2013-06-24 23:09:22 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

i ordered this dress with straps. they suit me. i can not wait to wear it. my mother says i am elegant in this dress. so glad to have this dress. it is gorgeous. thanks for your good work

jonkin kautta Joanna 2013-05-22 17:36:59 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

Meu vestido chegou hoje!!!! Moro no Brasil e o tempo de chegada foi bem maior do que o esperado. A jenjenhouse expediu o vestido dentro da data prevista mas ele ficou 20 dias preso para revista na alfandega. Além disso, tive que buscá-lo no correio da minha cidade e pagar uma taxa de importação, burocracias brasileiras. Mesmo assim, estou EXTREMAMENTE satisfeita, li algumas críticas negativas mas o meu vestido veio mais bonito que o da foto do site, ele é maravilhoso!! O pano, os detalhes, o caimento, enfim, me surpreendeu e estou muito feliz!!! Muito obrigada Jenjenhouse!

jonkin kautta Kim 2013-01-04 00:47:48 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

So fast, and loved every bit of the dress really amazing!!

jonkin kautta Hedda 2012-12-21 23:57:03 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

i was think about buying a ball gown wedding dress and your customer staff gave me a link , and i found the dress, this dress is the one i like best, and i have asked many questions, your customer staff answered my questions one by one , i am impressed by your good service ,so i bought it , the dress did not disappoint me :))))p

jonkin kautta Charlotte 2012-12-19 21:05:12 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

I've ordered this awesome dress and I'm absolutely amazed! What you see is what you get. Nice dress. Very well made. Had it make to measure and fit is perfect.Highly recommend it and this site!!!Love it, Love it!!

jonkin kautta Cassie 2012-12-19 00:55:20 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

the dress is bought for my wedding. when I ordered the dress, I order a beautiful veil on the website. When I received the dress I tried the dress immediately. the dress is so beautiful. but there is a little bigger on the waist. but it is not a big problem. the veil is also a nice one. like the dress and the veil.

jonkin kautta Diana 2012-12-11 00:40:36 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

The service was great as soon as I had a problem or query jenjenhouse responded to my request swiftly and efficiently the dress arrived in perfect condition and was made to a high quality standard. Thanks again. Happy:)

jonkin kautta Lacey 2012-11-29 21:51:04

Dress arrived as we scheduled in the order and my partner was delighted with the dress, both quality and the sizing. Price was excellent as she normally pays twice as much for a similar quality dress. Would recommend it to my relatives!

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