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A-linjainen Niskalenkillä Polvipituinen Charmeuse Tanssiaismekko jossa Rypytys Helmikoristelu #022020614

Hinta: 88.89

Listahinta: € 118.52  Säästä  € 29.63

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€ 88.89

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jonkin kautta LARS.GREGERSEN 2020-05-26 16:16:21

its sooo nice… love this model... have had 2 in Gold, now this Black & in few days a White

jonkin kautta Emily 2012-12-22 19:35:31 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

It is super flattering and show just the right amount of skin. The length is just above the knee and the ruffle to the skirt is so pretty. It is a wonderful dress. Five stars.

jonkin kautta Lejla 2012-12-22 01:17:18 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

I am 5'9 and ordered a size 6, the measurements provided were perfect. Next time however I would probably spend the extra money and get it custom made just a little bit longer as I can only wear a small heel with this dress. I will be ordering from you again!

jonkin kautta Roxanne 2012-12-21 01:20:40 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

I write this review just want to thank you guys for this amazing dress! I got it today and it just came on time, and the method you could track the order was really helpful. I was always knowing where is my order. The dress is well made and fits me very well.

jonkin kautta Georgia 2012-12-19 21:44:18 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

It is extremely flattering. There are built in bra in the chest area, so I don't need to wear a bra. Perfect and beautiful dress! Mine had a crease in the front that a dry cleaner steamed out for only not much money.

jonkin kautta Hulda 2012-12-18 23:39:09 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

Simply a elegant and beautiful dress. Ordered in champagne as prom dress and it is beyond beautiful. Our best dress of the 4 we ordered. Size is right on... Quality is a 10/10!! Definitely would recommend!! Thank you so much.

jonkin kautta Nabie 2012-12-13 00:24:02 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

I've bought it for a Christmas ball and am very pleased with it. However it did end up costing me much more than the initial advertised price due to having it made to measure and import duty.

jonkin kautta mickey hoffman 2012-12-12 12:51:29

the dress is magnificent it really going to look great on me you have wonderful selections and many sizes just what a woman needs. thank you

jonkin kautta Diana 2012-12-11 01:34:46 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

one of my colleagues is a girl who loves beautiful dresses very much. of course she also likes this dress. I help her to order the dress. And when she received the dress, she tried it on quickly.the dress fitted her and the size she choose is also right.

jonkin kautta Hermosa 2012-12-10 01:44:19 SAATAVILLA OLEVAT ARVOSTELUT

i received the dress today, i tried it on immediately, the dress really suits me very well. and details on the dress are the same as in the picture, i like the gold color you made for me, it does not too shinny while makes me feel good, though my mother thought it is a little short ,i like it very much. :)

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