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Naisten Satiini Cone heel Suljettu toe Avokkaat jossa Solki #5346


39.91 € 119.74
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* Erikoissäästö kuljetus: 15-30 Päivää

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Tuotekoodi #5346 Sukupuoli Naisten
Kengät style Suljettu toe, Avokkaat Väri Musta, Sininen, Kulta, Norsunluu, Pinkki, Purple, Punainen, Hopea, Valkoinen, Samppanja
Koko 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 Heel tyyppi Cone heel
Todellinen koron korkeus 3.94 inch (10cm) Todellinen Työtason Korkeus 0.59 inch (1.5cm)
Materiaali Satiini Vuoraus materiaalina Nahka
Ulkopohja materiaalit Kumi Kaunistus Solki
Kausi Syksy, Kevät
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I bought these shoes for my daughter, as she is going to be a bridesmaid. She is over the moon with them and says they are very comfortable to wear.

Thankyou for my wedding shoes, I wasn't sure if the 7.5 would be big enough as i am usually an 8 but they fit perfectly and are so comfortable. they arrived very quickly in just 16 days which was in time for my dress fitting and made it more special.
the heel is slightly higher than I thought but this is not an issue as the length of the dress is perfect and does not need taking up- saving me more money.
excellent quality for money.
thanks again, ill defiantly being returning and may even buy a pair for the evening to dance the night away.
charlotte - Gloucester UK

Mi sono appena arrivate, sono bellissime e perfette come nella foto, identiche. Ho aspettato un bel pò ma ne è valsa veramente la pena. Ho fatto un ottimo acquisto e non vedo l'ora di indossarle...FANTASTICHE!!!! Grazie Dress First....

Again, Dress First has surpassed itself with value for money. I ordered these shoes to go with a previously ordered wedding dress from them. I was unsure of buying from the internet as you never seem to get the full picture BUT for the price, I decided all would not be lost. I ordered and again they arrived in the time specified although DHL are very good at charging importation duty on top of the post and packaging already paid. The shoes are better than the picture, fit perfectly and I know I'll be comfortable in them on my special day. Excellent value for money and compliment my dress perfectly.

Shoes were great and matched the clutch perfectly, shoes were a good fit !!

This shoes are my best buy so far from this site. They are incredibly comfortable, they are beautiful and the size fits great. I am a size 8 in American shoes, so I got a 39 and they fit like a glove. They are incredibly cute and I love them. it is a great classic but sexy look without sacrificing comfort. If you are still looking for your wedding shoes, I recommend this ones for sure.

I bought the shoes on the website again. At the first time, the size was too big. I changed. Then this time I choose a right size as the first time. They fit me well. I like the shoes on this website.

absolutely stunning bride will be delighted .These shoes were such a great buy, perfect ! Thanks for doing such a good job.

I bought these shoes for my wedding! they are really cute and were a totally great purchase. thanks for giving me such a perfect present!