Väri: Musta

Naisten Aitoa nahkaa Korot Avokkaat Tanssisali Tanssikengät #9731


19.95 € 40.82
70% ALENNUS toimituskuluista
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Käsittelyaika: 8-10 päivää + Kuljetusaika: 3-6 Päivää * Nopeampi kuljetus: 3-6 Päivää
* Normaalikuljetus: 5-8 Päivää
* Erikoissäästö kuljetus: 15-30 Päivää

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Tuotekoodi #9731 Sukupuoli Naisten
Kategoria Tanssisali Kengät style Korot, Avokkaat
Väri Musta Koko 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40
Todellinen koron korkeus 2.56 inch (6.5cm) Materiaali Aitoa nahkaa
Vuoraus materiaalina Kangas Ulkopohja materiaalit Mokkanahka
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I wanted to order these shoes a little more than a week ago, but I needed them delivered within two weeks so I wasn't sure I should take the guess. Dress first assured me that they would be delivered on time and they were right. I got the shoes 1 week after I placed my order. (I live in Europe) I was very pleased with the service !
The shoes are very soft and comfortable and indeed fit well. Not so sure if it's all real leather though...but at this price they seem to be good quality for your money. Although I will be able to say more about that once I've danced in them :)

To be honest,i did not expect too much of these shoes at this price.But they came today and they are surprisingly amazing.Very comfortable and in real leather.I loved them a lot.I really appreciate your work.

Super dansesko

This shoe was exactly what I expected, I´m satisfied over this purchase. I can warmly recommend it.

Received my dancing shoes today. Tried them on they fit like a glove. I am a dancer who longs to dance with comfy gorgeous shoes and these I am so thrilled to say are perfect

Quality good, classic style never out!

An excellent buy for the money! These are very comfortable and am looking forward to wearing them. Would order from this company again. :)

I purchased a pair of Real Leather Heels Modern Ballroom Dance Shoes because I am taking swing out classess.. i love them...i got my merchandise quickly and that is what i like. The shoes looked exactly like the picture..they are comfortable..and yes..i am ordering again..thanks so much.

Amazing shoes!!! The size fits perfectly, they are very comfortable and dance like a charm!I'd highly recommend these to my ballroom friends.

Following the sizing instructions before purchasing the shoes, I was concerned whether the shoes would fit but I am pleased to say that they fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and I wish I could wear them all the time and not just for dancing! Thanks for such a good job!