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Color: Verde oscuro
Es un vestido confeccionado y fotografiado por Todos los derechos reservados. La copia o reproducción, por cualquier medio, de esta imagen está estríctamente prohibida.

Corte imperial Escote corazón Hasta el suelo Chifón Dama de honor con Volantes Bordado #924

Dama de honor

112.92 € 175.89
DESCUENTO DEL 70% en el envío
  • Medida personalizada

    ¿Buscando que te quede perfecto? Por € 19.98 adicionales, nuestros costureros usaran tus medidas exactas, para crear un vestido a pedido. Solo para ti.

Plazo de Confección: 10-12 días + Plazo de Envío: 3-6 días * Envíos expeditos: 3-6 días
* Envíos estándar: 5-8 días

Este vestido es hecho a pedido. Así sea que seleccione una talla estándar o personalizada, nuestros costureros elaboran cada vestido por pedido.

Este vestido es hecho a pedido. Así sea que seleccione una talla estándar o personalizada, nuestros costureros elaboran cada vestido por pedido.


¿Buscas que te quede de manera perfecta? Revisa nuestra Guía de Medidas para encontrar la medida exacta y después utiliza nuestro servicio de Hecho-Sobre-Pedido para conseguir un vestido confeccionado de manera personalizada y que te quede de manera perfecta.

Código del producto #924 Corte Corte imperial
Escote Novio Longitud Hasta el suelo
Tejido Gasa Embellecimiento Volantes, Cuentas
Tirantes Sin tirantes Manga Sin mangas
Estilo de espalda Cremallera alineado completamente
Corpiño Armazón
Color Mostrado Verde oscuro Tamaño General, Grande
Temporada Primavera, Verano
El vestido no incluye ningún accesorio mostrado en la foto. Si le gusta algún accesorio, como por ejemplo boleros/chaquetas, guantes, velos, carteras o otras cosas, por favor contactenos para pedirlo por separado.
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I couldn't be happier, it arrived very quickly, and its very good quality. The dress is beautifully lined, and has a built-in strap inside for extra support with the strapless dress.

it came like the picture^^

this is amazing. how can you make the dress right in my size without meeting me in person. the dress is very lovely elegant. i like it a lot. and the workmanship of the dress is really good. i cant believe i could get this dress at such a low price. i must be dreaming this moment ha!

Could you please send me a picture of this dress in red, burgundy and regancy?
Thank you!

I am very interested in my bridesmaids wearing this dress in my wedding. Can you send me pictures of the dress in grape and fuschia?

can you email me pictures of this dress in navy and turquoise blue please

WHAT A GORGEOUS DRESS! This is exactly what I've been looking for sytle- wise. It looks so flattering and goes great with my vintage theme!!! JenJenHouse, could you please send me a picture of this dress in blush pink? I am also curious on the ability to try it on? Is it carried in stores where we could check it out then place our order with you? I wasn't sure who the designer was, or if JenJenHouse is the designer. Thanks!

I got three of these stunning dresses for my bridesmaids and I have to say that it was definatly worth all the worries and nervouse times I went through as I wasnt sue if the quality would be ok. It is hard to buy online if you haven't seen any of their work in real life but if it helps I have to say the qulity and workmanship that went into these dresses is fantastic. Not only has this dress a zip at the back but it also has a wee elastic clip ,as you sometimes get in wedding dresses to help close the dress more easy.
I was very worried about getting them online but as their prices were very good I decidet to go for these anyway. the qulity of these dresses is ust amazing and I think even better then some of the very expensive dessy once you can get for 200 pounds in the shops.
If you are like me and are a bit worried about buying your dresses online don't be. Just order them well in advance so you still have a chance to change your mind. I also got the chiffon wraps with this dress and they are perfect too. The only note I would have to make is that there was a vat charge that I had to pay upon arrival but I didnt mind as they were such great value anyway.
I just can't wait for my big day now and hope that my bridesmaids love the dresses as much as I do :)

Thank-you for the quick service and great price. I love my Dress!!

Emma xx

hi! i was wondering what this dress colour is and what it looks like in dark navy? also i have a very petite frame will it still fit me?

Hi Please can you send me a picture of this dress in dark navy/navy?