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Frauen Satin Stöckel Absatz Geschlossene Zehe Absatzschuhe mit Nachahmungen von Perlen #047005443

Preis: 50.15

Originalpreis: € 115.74  Ersparnis  € 65.59

€ 50.15

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Von Svetlana 2014-12-02 04:13:12

Very beautiful and comfortable shoes!!! Thank you very much!!!

Von Tiffani 2013-03-15 18:00:33 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I am getting married in August, and I fell in love with these shoes when I saw them online. They came in much sooner than I had expected which was great. I opened the box, and they were even prettier than I imagine. I tried them on and they are the perfect fit. I cant wait to wear them on my wedding day and surprise my fiancee! I know he is going to love them as much as I do. Thanks! Tiffani

Von Rita 2012-11-15 23:34:32

I can't wait to show them off at my wedding! They are so perfect. I ordered and received them within two weeks. And my wedding is hosted two days later. Very excited that they catch my big day. Thanks.

Von Melanie 2012-11-12 00:04:53 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I was so excited to finally find some bridesmaid shoes that I liked and that the bride liked. The shoes do look amazing and are really comfortable.All in all these are wonderful shoes but could be improved by the service and delivery.

Von Erica 2012-11-10 00:07:32 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I found the perfect wedding shoe - this one! The detailing is gorgeous, nothing cheesy about them at all! I was hesitant to purchase online from outside the US, but so glad I did! Very comfortable. I would recommend these over and over.

Von Amanda 2012-08-08 02:25:05

Beautiful shoes! I will be using them for my wedding in September. It is just the right color and material for my dress (I ordered ivory). They are a fantastic, beautiful shoe. Love them!

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