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Frauen Satin Heels Sandalen Latin mit Knöchelriemen Tanzschuhe #053006986

Preis: 17.00

Originalpreis: € 49.24  Ersparnis  € 32.24

€ 17.00

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Von chiaradilo 2014-09-26 05:15:32

Nonostante la lunga attesa le scarpe sono arrivate.
il venditore è molto disponibile e ha provveduto ad effettuare dei controlli ecc ;)

Von Claudia 2013-08-15 03:26:04 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

The beading on the shoes is really shining and the heel height is within my control.
The insole is soft and it is very comfortable to wear it dance.
I never thought that I can have such shoes with so low price. So lucky I am!!!

Von Naomi 2013-08-04 00:42:28 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I bought a dress together with the shoes , they match each other perfectly!!!! I really love this beautiful shoes, and my party is coming soon. I'm sure that they will make me to be the most beautiful girl and I will have a good memory! Thank you for good service!

Von Judith Martinez-Basham 2013-07-21 09:22:24


Von Prima 2013-07-16 00:59:21 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

the beadings on the shoes are the highlight and your shoes also have good quality which is beyond my expectation. What's more, you do offer size 41 for my big feet, which embarrassed me in most cases, thanks for your good work

Von Maggie 2013-07-16 00:03:52 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

The mail came today and i was so happy to get my shoes.I have tried them on and to my big surprise,it is much more comfortable than i thought.I wear them to all my dance classes.Thank you for this happy experience with you.

Von nancy 2013-01-01 20:07:06

Hi, I am interested in ordering latin ballroom shoes and i am an australian size 8. i have measured 24cm in length. what size do i choose?, the size chart is confusing.

Von Ronja 2012-12-19 01:51:33 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

vielen Dank für eure tolle Verarbeitung.

Ich bin mit den Schuhe sehr zufrieden. Die sind schick, schöne Farbe und man kann mit den gut tanzen & laufen.

Antwort von JenJenHouse 2012-12-19 01:53:38

Von Snowy 2012-11-22 01:32:49 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I bought the shoes for my friends. She just tried them on and the size is ok. She has no time to wear them at a ball. We will give you a review after she has a chance to try them again.

Von lino 2012-11-21 04:17:24

je n 'ai toujours rien reçu ou est ma commande?

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