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Empire-Linie Herzausschnitt Sweep/Pinsel zug Chiffon Abendkleid mit Rüschen Perlen verziert Pailletten #017014078

Preis: 134.07

Originalpreis: € 270.09  Ersparnis  € 136.02

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€ 134.07

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Von ANO 2014-04-24 16:51:40

Arrived in four week! Fits perfectly. Love it and looks exactly the same

Von Rachel 2013-11-25 05:32:49 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

This dress is as beautiful seen on the internet. I had it in dark navy, the colour is lovely.

Von Quintina 2013-06-21 02:08:50 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

My dress reached at my house this afternoon. I tried it on. OMG!!! It is perfect. I just look like a princess by wearing this dress. I really love it. Thank you very much.

Von Hayley Rayburn 2013-05-24 17:47:03 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I just got my dress today which is Friday, I ordered it Tuesday of last week. I had read on other sites that when they got their dress's that they looked cheap and like curtains... So when I got the email that it was here I immediately called my brother and told him to open it and asked him if it looked like one. He said, " That would be one expensive curtain." I was relieved. I got home and looked for myself and it was S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G! I was so happy and I tried it on and it was a little loose but I lost a little weight before it got here so that's to be expected. A lady my aunt knows is taking a little in for me. But everyone Loves it and so do I. I am defiantly going to be buying from here again!! :) Love the quality, Great work men ship, Beautiful gown! Everyone at my pageant will be super JEALOUS! <3

Von Judy 2013-05-17 02:50:49 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

This dress is beautiful. I get it on time and catch my party. It suits me very well. I am very happy about this. And my friends said it looks good on me. Thank you.

Von Michell 2013-05-09 12:34:47 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Dress arrived today and we are absolutely delighted with it, lovely quality and exactly as we imagined it to be. Will definitely be buying from you again :)

Von Buckler 2012-12-22 01:08:19 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I received my dress one week after placing an order. Extra quick. I have already about 10 dresses from here. All are great and this one could not be different. color is ok and i love it

Von Hanne 2012-12-14 01:40:10 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

This was special ordered and fit perfectly when it arrived just two weeks later! i want to say that the white is very shining and you can consider about that the smooth and soft, nice impression.

Von Chassidy 2012-12-04 21:42:06 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

the dress came to me last week finally . i ordered it in dark navy. it take me about three weeks to get the dress. i was quite worry about it. but when i saw the dress, everything was ok and proved that this is a very beautiful dress with an excellent workmanship. im really glad to hv it now and satisfied with this shopping experience. thank you jenjens!!

Von Eliza 2012-11-28 23:03:50 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Absolutely stunning dress, I couldn't be happier.Great quality product that arrived really quickly and fits perfectly I love it! It's awesome. This dress can make you look more high and slim:)

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