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A-Linie/Princess-Linie Herzausschnitt Kapelle-schleppe Chiffon Charmeuse Abendkleid mit Perlen verziert Applikationen Spitze Pailletten #017014235

Preis: 140.54

Originalpreis: € 250.66  Ersparnis  € 110.12

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€ 140.54

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Von Aisulu 2013-07-05 02:33:53 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Thank you very much for the dress. I ordered it in Kazakhstan, it's very fast) Gorgeous dress)) At the prom I was the most beautiful, thanks jenjenhouse.com))) I had questions, and you answered me. THANK YOU)))) I hope for a discount on my next orders :D My pictures. (we clippinh loop)


Von marina sarmast 2013-04-29 22:39:11

this dress arrived and looked amazing, the only problem was the lace wasnt properly attached to the tulle covering the champagne material. the cut on the bottom wasnt precise. the beading on the other hand was amazing, overall im a statisfied customer.. will sure do business again.


Von Michelle 2013-07-10 16:03:25 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I was in such a panic as I have a seminar to go to in a couple weeks and the dress that I had ordered from a seller on DHGate came looking NOTHING like the picture. My friend recommended JenJenHouse and I figured if it didn't work I would go to a local wedding shop and pick something out last minute (and pay $500 :/). I got the dress today, it looks EXACTLY like the dress in the picture, fits perfectly, is SUPER comfy and I got it in about a week! I couldn't be any more happy that I gave this a chance. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS dress!!! SO happy! :)

Von zorica 2013-05-02 11:29:39 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Really beautiful, good beadin and all. Just a bit upset over the poor quality of the train, because it collects all dust and is very hard to clean.
Overandall I am very pleased, and I will absolutely order dresses from jjhouse again :)

Von Alice 2013-01-11 23:00:00

The quality was amazing and the dress looked gorgeous. I recieved the dresses so quickly, amazing service. Would highly recommend this dress

Von Fiona 2012-12-24 01:00:44 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

This dress must be the best dress among the dresses I bought on the website. the dress upper part is very amazing.the beadings of the dress are shiny. the dress lower part is also pretty. the fabric of it is so good. the train is not so long when I wear a heel shoes. but a nice dress.

Von Lee 2012-12-21 01:49:10 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

the unique sash style attracted me and my little sister helped me get the package and she opened it for me , she loved the dress too, unfortunately, the dress fits me well , of course my sister is smaller than me, ha ha ha

Von Audrey 2012-12-12 21:32:38 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

got the dress today everything was going perfect!

i would like to thank you for the suggestions and all your help. the size are perfect it fits me like a glove. and the color was right what i want. my dresss look exactly like the picture. this is amazing. thanks again!

Von Victoria 2012-12-03 22:01:21 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I bought 2 of these dresses in regency for my sisters. They are absolutely beautiful! It only took two weeks from them being ordered to arrive in Australia. I can highly recommend this website. The quality is amazing and the colour matches the sample from the website very well. The sizes were spot on also, and the dress suits & flatters any figure. It is truly a beautiful, versatile dress.

Von Gloria 2012-12-03 21:40:06 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

My friend bought the dress for me as a birthday gift and she change the package of the dress. When I saw the dress, I fell in love with the dress. I am tall and thin,the dress fit me well, especially the top of the dress.

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