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Couleur: Champagne

Satiné Occasion spéciale Châle #12521


15.98 22.38 €
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* Livraison standard : 5-8 jours
* Livraison économique : 15-30 jours

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JenJenHouse.com est détaillant en ligne de leader mondial pour robes de mariées, robes d'événements spéciaux, robes de soirées de mariage et accessoires de mariages. Les clients ont une grande satisfaction à parcourir la selection vaste sur le site ainsi qu’à choisir leurs robes préférées.

Catégorie Châle
Occasion Occasion spéciale
Tissu Satiné
Longueur 79 in.(200cm)
Largeur 19.75 in.(50cm)
Saison Hiver
Couleur Affichée Champagne


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Par Angie 2013-07-16 01:21:41 COMMENTAIRES ASSOCIÉS

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DRESS AND SHAWL FOR ME!!! they fit me perfectly!!! GORGEOUS!!! Insanely quick...only takes 3 weeks to receive them. what a great concept. Highly recommended. Thank you!!!

Par marlena 2013-01-19 09:26:56 COMMENTAIRES ASSOCIÉS

This wrap was made very well and of a very nice thick material. It is a pretty good length.

Q&A Clients: Poser une question

Par Denise 2013-07-15 23:55:44
for the shawl showed in your website, can you make sure that are of good quality?

Réponse de JenJenHouse.com 2013-07-16 02:12:20

Thanks for contacting us.

We do understand your concern about online shopping. So here we are glad to have a brief introduction of our products.

Once we confirm your order, we will inform our factories to get started. Each piece of our raw fabrics is elaborately selected. Also, our dressmakers are all experienced in making formal dresses for many years. Our factories have introduced the most sophisticated equipment to improve our handicraft. Finally, when the dress is finished, our Quality and Control personnel will have a further inspection of it to avoid sending defective dresses to our customers.

The long and strict period of production has ensured that our dresses and wraps are made with high quality. So please have a trust in our dresses.

Please kindly feel free to contact us for anything else we can help.
Par Iris 2013-07-04 23:46:41
i'm looking at the satin special occasion shawl number 013012521 can you tell me what colour it is please

Réponse de JenJenHouse.com 2013-07-04 23:58:31

Thanks for shopping on our website!

We have 28 colors for our customers to choose from. And this one in the picture is called Champagne. You also can go to our color chart for a further recheck. Please kindly be noted that when shopping online, slight color difference will be unavoidable between the real dress and the picture shown. We believe it is quite understandable to you.

If time is allowed, we highly suggest you purchase our fabrics swatch to know exactly what the dress material will be like. And below is our link: http://www.JenJenHouse.com/Swatch-c33/?la=fromnavmenu.

If there is anything else we can help with, please feel free to tell us.
Par joy 2013-01-31 17:44:24

The material of the warp? Please confirm this!

Réponse de JenJenHouse.com 2013-01-31 17:55:30

Thanks for contacting us.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. The wrap is made of satin.You can check the information in the description part at the product page.

If you have any other questions, please kindly let us know.


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