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Color: Marfil
Es un vestido confeccionado y fotografiado por JenJenHouse.com. Todos los derechos reservados. La copia o reproducción, por cualquier medio, de esta imagen está estríctamente prohibida.

Corte A/Princesa Escote corazón Cola corte Charmeuse Vestido de novia con Volantes #429

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158.89 € 297.81
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Corte Corte A/Princesa
Escote Novio
Dobladillo/Cola Cola corte
Tejido Charmeuse
Embellecimiento Volantes
Tirantes Tirantes comunes
Manga Sin mangas
Estilo de espalda Encaje
alineado completamente
Color Mostrado Marfil
Tamaño General, Grande
Temporada Primavera
Lugar de Boda Jardín / Exterior

El vestido no incluye ningún accesorio mostrado en la foto. Si le gusta algún accesorio, como por ejemplo boleros/chaquetas, guantes, velos, carteras o otras cosas, por favor contactenos para pedirlo por separado.



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UK Talla 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
EU Talla 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
pulgada cm pulgada cm pulgada cm pulgada cm pulgada cm pulgada cm pulgada cm pulgada cm
Busto 32 ½ 83 33 ½ 85 34 ½ 88 35 ½ 90 36 ½ 93 38 97 39 ½ 100 41 104
Cintura 25 ½ 65 26 ½ 67 27 ½ 70 28 ½ 72 29 ½ 75 31 79 32 ½ 83 34 86
Caderas 35 ¾ 91 36 ¾ 93 37 ¾ 96 38 ¾ 98 39 ¾ 101 41 ¼ 105 42 ¾ 109 44 ¼ 112
Hueco (cuello) a suelo 58 147 58 147 59 150 59 150 60 152 60 152 61 155 61 155

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Busto 43 109 45 114 47 119 49 124 51 130 53 135
Cintura 36 ¼ 92 38 ½ 98 40 ¾ 104 43 109 45 ¼ 115 47 ½ 121
Caderas 45 ½ 116 47 ½ 121 49 ½ 126 51 ½ 131 53 ½ 136 55 ½ 141
Hueco (cuello) a suelo 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155

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Comentarios de clientes: Deje su comentario

de Virginia 2013-06-23 01:30:29 Reseña destacada

It was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what I wanted and it fitted like a glove. I paid the extra money to get the custom size. i will definitely recommend this website to all of you! You will not be disappointed!

de liz 2012-05-20 08:50:13 Reseña destacada

the whole process from start to finish was so easy when i ordered this dress, they where so helpful, when the parcel arrived I was a bit shocked at the size of the box it was very small which meant the dress was very badly crushed but it is very well made the colour is amazing, the dress has more detail than there was in the picture ie, there are a lot of gathering folds below the bust. I cannot express highly enough how well made this dress is the quality far surpasses the small cost, i had the dress custom made and apart from having to get the straps shortened and have it steamed to remove creases at the cost of £25.00 it is perfect. Everyone at my wedding asked where i had it made and said it was stunning, after wearing it for the whole day and evening including dancing all night the dress was still perfect when i took it off, i will definitely be buying again from here. Many many thanks for helping to make my day perfect the look on my grooms face when i arrived was priceless. ps there was a small amount to pay to customs £14.00 before they would allow me to take delivery but well worth it....thanks again..liz from Scotland

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2012-05-20 20:12:59

Thanks for shopping at JenJenHouse.com!

We are so glad to hear that our effort has made you a happy customer and we look forward to making more beautiful dresses for you!

de Vicky 2012-02-06 21:44:54

I ordered this dress without the train and with a zipper back. It arrived and I was totally impressed with it. The service I received from JenJenHouse through the entire process was fantastic and I've just ordered the same dress with the lace back and train to compare the two styles. I figured it's so cheap I can have both options. Looking forward to receiving the second dress and making my choice and still have money to spare from my budget.
Thank you JenJenHouse. I have recommended you to 4 of my friends for their weddings also.

de Lisa 2011-11-22 14:21:27

I received my wedding dress today and I am absolutely impressed with the quality and the way this dress fits perfectly. We planned our wedding in two months..so I didn't have alot of time to have a dress made especially in another country, but I took the risk because I feel in love with this dress..the A-line Sweetheart Chapel train...and I am so delighted that not only was the dress made to my measurements but it arrived with time for alterations if needed. The only alterations I need to have are on the straps, which need shortened just a bit, a SIMPLE alteration I can do myself...It is absolutely perfect. 14-15 days into the process I was getting nervous, I emailed customer service and received a reply right away, telling me not to worry, it would be completed and arrive in time, and that was the case...I am so happy I ordered this dress...there is not a bridal shop in town that has anything like it, simple and elegant and the price is unbelievable..THANK YOU JenJenHouse..so excited and I will definately recommend you to others in the future!

de donna 2011-08-12 05:55:13

woulit be possible to add some beading on the straps and parts of the chest?

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2011-08-12 23:53:41

Hi Donna,

Thank you for visiting JenJenHouse.

Please choose custom size and write down your requirements in the special instructions column at the bottom of the checkout page when you place your order.
You 'd better offer us a picture for reference, it can help us know what visual function you want to have with your dress.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we can do for you.

de Jenna 2011-07-04 01:53:54

I love this dress, and contemplating on having it for my year 12 formal in a different colour, which 4 colours does it come in? also would it be possible to have this dress made without the train?

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2011-07-05 01:03:43

Dear Jenna,

Thanks for contacting us. We can make this dress in a different color. Which color do you prefer? We may also remove the train if you do not like it. Thanks.

de linda 2011-06-23 02:04:39

hello,i love this dress,i too actually would prefare it with a zip back in a size 14,would this effect the cost,if so by how much.thanks for your help.linda

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2011-06-24 02:34:42

Hi ,

The dress can be made with a zip. The extra cost for such alteration is $20. Please go to http://www.jenjenhouse.com/search.php?q=special to pay for it. Please remember to change the quantity from 1 to 20. Also you may leave us a message at Special Customization column to tell us your requirements when you check out. We will prepare the dress for you.

We are now having a sale on shipping. Hope you could take time and place the order.

Please be free to contact us if there is anything we can do for you.

de gloria 2011-05-06 10:56:01

can this dress be made with a zippered back instead of lace up?

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2011-05-07 01:27:54

Hi Gloria, it can be. Thanks


P: ¿Puedo devolver o cancelar el vestido si cambio mi idea?
R: Cada vestido está hecho a la medida en JenJenHouse, incluyendo los vestidos del tamañoestándar.El carácter personalizado de nuestros vestidos significa que nuestra Política de devolución es más estricta que otros artículos, por lo que es importante hacer el pedido cuidadosamente.
P: ¿En cuánto tiempo puedo recibir mi artículo?
R: El tiempo de entrega total se basa en el tiempo de elaboración/procesado + tiempo de envío, los encontrarás en las páginas de los productos.
P: ¿Cómo puedo asegurarme de que pido la talla y el ajuste adecuados?
R: Compare sus medidas únicas con la Tabla de Tallas y la Guía de Medir de JenJenHouse. Al seleccionar "Talla personalizada", su vestido se adapta personalmente para su ajuste exacto.
P: ¿Puedo pedir este vestido en un estilo/tela/longitud diferentes?
R: Por favor, comprenda que cada vestido se adapta cuidadosamente para coincidir exactamente con lo que ve en las fotos, así que por desgracia no puede modificar la tela/longitud de ninguna manera. En la actualidad, los dos cambios aceptables son la eliminación de las colas y la adición de tirantes finos, solamente para los vestidos con diseños simples.

» Más Preguntas y Respuestas

FAQ Clientes: Hacer una pregunta

de Edith 2013-07-08 23:21:56
If I order today, will you ship it in the next 1-2 days?

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2013-07-09 00:30:01

Thanks for your email.

Each item is made from scratch after the order is placed, so we do not have items in stock. Currently 11-13 days are for tailoring and 5-9 days are for shipping. In this case, it is impossible to finish the order in 2 days. Hope you could understand this. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please kindly feel free to contact us for anything else we can help.
de Elaine 2013-07-05 22:46:52
The fabric of this dress is charmeuse,right? Can you guys make it satin instead?

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2013-07-05 23:32:16

Thanks for contacting us.

Yes, the fabric of this dress is charmeuse.

Sorry but we are unable to change the fabrics for you. Please understand that charmeuse and satin fabrics are two totally different kinds of fabrics. Once the fabric changes, the whole outlook of the dress will also change. We highly suggest you keep the original design and fabric which will present its beauty best.

We suggest you consider about some dresses which are originally made of satin if you do like it.

If you have any other questions, please kindly let us know.
de Melody 2013-06-24 00:13:42
Hi, I wanted to know if you have a store that I can visit and try on the dresses i like online.

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2013-06-24 02:09:37

Thanks for visiting our website!

Actually, we are an e-commerce company. We just do business online and our customers are from all over the world.

In this case, you may have concerns about the fitness and the style of our dresses. Actually each of our dresses is totally made by scratch according to our pictures shown. We have won a good reputation all over the world. We highly suggest you have a try at our website. Please be rest assured that we will never disappoint you.

Now do you have any other concerns about our company? We are all ears here.
de liz 2012-04-01 16:54:10
can you tell me please if this dress can be ordered in any colour from the colour chart, also i need dress for the first week in april would it be ready in time if i got it custom made?.....many thanks

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2012-04-02 13:04:08

Thanks for contacting us. Yes, this dress can be made in other colors. But please note that the custom made dress (in other color for wedding dress) canot be returned. Please leaveus message it in your order. Just write down your requirements in the Special Instructions column at the bottom of the checkout page and we will know. If you place the order now and choose the expedited, surely you can get it by the first week in May.
de Jean 2012-03-25 15:58:09
please wat colour is dress and can i still have it in white.

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2012-03-27 00:05:09

Thanks for contacting us! This is Hardy-Sales Consultant from JenJenHouse.com. I am glad to be at your service. I am sorry to tell you that the exact colour you can see in the picture is not available for the moment. But it is very close to silver. So shall we make the dress in silver for you? Look forward to hearing from you.


  • € 33.98 € 15.98 Ahorro € 18.00
  • € 4.98 € 2.49 Ahorro € 2.49
  • € 3.18 € 1.59 Ahorro € 1.59
  • € 19.97 € 9.98 Ahorro € 9.98
  • Mujeres Nylón De longitud de té 1 Niveles Enaguas (037004071) 50
    € 17.97 € 8.98 Ahorro € 8.98
  • Encantador Satén con Del bowknot boda Ligas (104019470) 50
    € 13.97 € 6.99 Ahorro € 6.99
  • € 77.93 € 38.97 Ahorro € 38.97
  • Silicona Cierre adelante/Adhesivos/Estrapless/Semi copa/Sin hilos/Escotado por detrás Apoyo extremo Femenino/Sexy/Danza/Gimnasia Sostén (041004216) 50
    € 31.96 € 15.98 Ahorro € 15.98
  • € 53.73 € 26.86 Ahorro € 26.86
  • Cojín en Satén con Perla (103018229) 50
    € 15.97 € 7.99 Ahorro € 7.99
  • Puro Cesta de flores en Satén con Proa (102018045) 50
    € 27.76 € 13.88 Ahorro € 13.88
  • Delicado Redondo Satén Ramos de Novia (124032097) 60
    € 39.96 € 15.98 Ahorro € 23.98

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