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Clave de Mi Corazón Abridor de Botella #7085

Botellitas para invitados

Tiempo de Procesamiento: 3-4 días Plazo de Envío: 3-6 días * Envíos expeditos: 3-6 días
* Envíos estándar: 5-8 días
* Envíos súper ahorro: 15-30 días

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de Susan 2013-07-28 02:19:41 Reseña destacada

when i saw the item Key to My Heart Bottle Opener (052007085) at first sight, i love the gift box more than the bottle opener, and the fact is true

de Bonnie 2013-07-23 22:31:13 Reseña destacada

the bottle opener was too lovely:) It was very well made and very solid.I Was really happy with the quality - I will buy some more items from you again next time. It is really great as a gift for the guests.

de 2012-07-29 19:46:08

This was a great gift to my girl friend! It was cute and funny. Kind of a "Here's a Key to my heart" type of gift because everyone knows beer always stays true to my heart! once again a really cheap product only $2.99 cute gift for either your boy friend or girl friend. LOVE IT!

de lucy 2012-07-24 21:50:24 Reseña destacada

Very nice and lovley to give away!

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2012-07-24 21:58:41

Thanks for shopping at JenJenHouse.com!

We are so glad to hear that our effort has made you a happy customer. And we look forward to serve you again in the near future!

de lucy 2012-07-24 04:42:26

these look really nice . thanks

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de Joyce 2013-07-31 23:37:25
Hey,which kind delivery do you use.Could you ship by DHL?

Respuesta de JenJenHouse.com 2013-08-01 01:06:54

Thanks for contacting us.

We have three shipping methods including expedited shipping, standard shipping and super saving shipping. Super save shipping is only for parcel orders of accessories priced less than $50. Currently, we use DHL, UPS and Post Office to ship our orders.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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