Trompete/Meerjungfrau-Linie Herzausschnitt Kathedrale Schleppe Tüll Brautkleid mit Perlen verziert Applikationen Spitze
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Trompete/Meerjungfrau-Linie Herzausschnitt Kathedrale Schleppe Tüll Brautkleid mit Perlen verziert Applikationen Spitze #002000641

Originalpreis: € 353.52  Ersparnis  € 133.42

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€ 220.09

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Von Charlotte 2013-06-23 23:08:30 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I received the dresses at the exact measurements and in great conditions. I loved this wedding dress! Quality is great although it is just a slight color difference than what I expect.

Von Setlla 2013-06-23 02:54:57 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I absolutely love my dress! I was very nervous that maybe the quality of the dress would be poor. well I was wrong the dress is beautiful. Very well made all the seams are beautifully constructed.

Von Brianna 2013-06-21 22:43:37 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I ordered one dress from this website. The selection of dresses on the website is amazing. When i saw the dress, I loved it at the first sight.So i placed the order without hesitation. it was made perfectly and fit me very well.

Von jenny 2013-06-21 02:21:23 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I am absolutely happy with the high level of quality of my wedding dress. It's a lovely, romantic .It's sewn with hands full of love and made for a special day. i'll tell my friends to buy their wedding dress from YOU.Thanks a lot for JenJen house.

Von Laura Wilson 2013-02-24 22:32:58

I ordered this dress for my wedding. It is one of the most importance things in my whole life so I cannot let anything go wrong. I wanted to buy one at local but it was too expensive for me especially I will not need it after the wedding. Then one of my friends told me of this website. I was quite nervous about shopping online but when the dress arrived at me, I had nothing to say but wow! My wedding turned out to be perfect, everything! Thanks, JenJenHouse!

Von Gillian 2012-12-06 22:08:17 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Service is fantastic,it arrived with custom measurements in 3 weeks. Just wanted to give my feedback on this gorgeous dress.The dress itself is lovely,its quite long but if you like the train you can keep the train. I will cur some train since I am not tall enough.

Von Fanny 2012-12-05 01:12:08 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

This is such a beautiful dress. The beading and lace is just amazing and it fits me perfectly. Delivery was very quick which is great and amazing I am so happy with my purchase, it was carefree and on time.Thank you very much. I am a very satisfied customer.

Von Sebastiane 2012-11-30 01:28:59 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

I am so pleased to tell you that my dress has arrived safely today. Thank you so much jenjenhouse for your service. I was encouraged by your positive outllook as I was very anxious from a previous experience. The workmanship of my dress is wonderful you should all be very proud of how you deliver such excellence to your customers. I live in NZ, I felt very anxious at times looking for the right dress, your staff would listen with such patience and kindness I will always be grateful to you all and will refer anyone I can to buy from your company. Once again thank you Kindest regards to you all .

Von Emily 2012-11-27 22:55:38

I am in love with this dress, can't wait to wear it, comfortable fits beautifully and is very slimming! Overall total experience was fantastic and I really want potential customers to know that my product was far exceeded expectations! Thank you .

Von Giselli Rizzi Jorge Tetzlaff 2012-10-17 08:15:50

Boa Noite

Gostaria que vocês me enviassem mais fotos deste vestido, e queria saber se essas fotos são dos vestidos realmente produzidos por vocês.



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