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Zarte Ring-Kasten mit Schöne Bären/Spitze #18235

Ring Kissen

Bearbeitungs Zeit: 4-5 Tage Versandsdauer: 3-6 Tage * Express-Versand: 3-6 Tage
* Standard-Versand: 5-8 Tage
* Super Saver-Versand: 15-30 Tage


  • Einfache Ring Kissen in Satin mit Knoten (103018238)

    € 11.98

  • Schön Ring Kissen in Flachs mit Bänder/Lace (103090736)

    € 11.98

  • Ring Kissen in Satin mit Perle (103018229)

    € 7.99

  • Damast Ring Kissen mit Bogen (103018225)

    € 9.88

  • Schön Ring Kissen mit Strasssteine (103018226)

    € 11.98


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  • 4% kaufe

    Schön Ring Kissen in Flachs mit Bänder/Lace (103090736)

    € 11.98

  • 5% kaufe

    Einfache Ring Kissen in Satin mit Knoten (103018238)

    € 11.98

  • 4% kaufe

    Ring Kissen in Satin mit Bänder/Strasssteine (103018232)

    € 9.68

  • 3% kaufe

    Schön Ring Kissen in Satin mit Perle/Spitze (103018231)

    € 9.88

  • 5% kaufe

    Elegante Elfenbein Ring Kissen mit Bänder (103018230)

    € 11.98


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Von lolita3660 2013-11-28 16:25:58 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

Il est tellement mignon, il est parfais et fait jeune sa va très bien pour le petit qui apporte les alliances.

Von Edith 2013-07-24 01:34:55 Hervorgehobene Bewertung

the bears are so cute and make my wedding so sweet:) very happy:) thank you!! the pillow is made perfectly and i will keep it for a long time as a good memory. Thank you again:) give you 5 stars!!

Fragen und Antworten: Eine Frage stellen

Von Elma 2013-07-30 23:53:33
How can I pay the order? I will place the order soon. Just want to know about the payment.

Antwort von 2013-07-31 01:55:12

Thanks for contacting us.

We understand payment methods vary in different countries. After a comprehensive investigation, here we have selected the most frequently used payment methods as following, PayPal account and Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard , Discover, and American Express), Debit Card, or E-check (i.e. using your regular Bank Account).

Here I have attached the link for each payment method. Please kindly have a check.
Credit card:

Anyway, the payment method differs from the currency you use and the shipping country. You can check which payment method is available to you when you enter the payment page.

If you have any problems with the payment, please kindly let us know.

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